Hello! What is being a Bi-Male? Is it belongs to the Third-Sex Genre? A Gay?, A Tran-Sexual? Many people doesn't knew and fully understand the real meaning of a real Bisexual Males or Bi-Males.

Bisexual Males are consists of two types the TOP and BOTTOM. Being Bi-Male is having both sexes of a straight individuals. Bi-Males is different to Gays. Gays are dealing into a Homo-Sexual relationship, dealing into a Straight-Men affair and they're not being opened into an Opposite Sex.

While the Bi-Males often deals into both Heterosexual and Homosexual kind of affair or relationship. Most of the Bi-Males tried an Opposite Sex Relationship before dealing with the Same Sex Relationship.

I personally created this website for Bi-Males living in Davao City or in the whole Philippines even the Whole World, that Being a Bisexual is not an easy job. As I, Richard Dedal a Certified Bisexual Male, it is not an easy life for me. Many Hindrances, People being a narrow-minded that they don't really understands our true nature. Its hard to be like this, but if you're thinking that being a Bi-Male is not good? Think again, We the Bi-Males are just creative like the Gay's but your not comfortable being called as a "Gay", the call your self a Bi-Male.

If you're confused right now, just decide by your self, and get-out of the closet and show yourself to the World who you are, and what you're made of, and show other people that you are better than to a straight-man, a power-packed creation by GOD, a beauty that many can appreciate, cause being a Bi-Male is not being what you are but it is being who you really are.

Famous Bisexual (Westlife)

Mark Feehily (born Marcus Michael Patrick Verdon Feehily on 28 May 1980) is one of the lead singers of the popular Irish boyband Westlife.

In August 2005, Feehily publicly revealed that he is gay during an interview with the British tabloid The Sun. Feehily had recognized his sexual orientation when he was 14- or 15-years old. His family, band mates and close friends knew his sexual orientation.Westlife's manager Louis Walsh, however, was unaware of Feehily's sexual orientation when he began managing the group. As the only gay member in Westlife, Feehily kept his sexual orientation private and never had a boyfriend.[1] Unlike his band mates, Feehily did not discuss his private life in interviews, although he had dated women prior to his coming out. He was shown with girlfriends in the press, but "in order to avoid speculation". In yet another interview, Feehily told The Sydney Morning Herald that despite the fact that the majority of Westlife's fans are female, there had really been no negative reaction.

During the interview with The Sun, Feehily also announced his romantic relationship with Kevin McDaid, a member of the now-defunct British boy band. The pair, who live together,had been dating since January 2005 after having met at a Cheerios Childline Concert in Ireland. Feehily said that while he did not intend on getting married right away, he was happy to know he could form a civil partnership in Britain with the recent passing of the Civil Partnership Act. In December 2007, Feehily and McDaid appeared on the cover of Attitude. After five years into their relationship, both were in engaged in February 2010, which was confirmed by Feehily himself via the social networking website Twitter In 2011, Feehily discussed the couple's plans concerning having children together and discussed their marriage plans.

Feehily supports the charity group Aware. He was shortlisted in 2011 as one of the top 50 most influential gays in United Kingdom

Lance Bass (Nsync)

James Lance Bass (born May 4, 1979), best known as Lance Bass, is an American pop singer, dancer, actor, film and television producer, and author.

Bass dated actress Danielle Fishel of TV's Boy Meets World throughout 1999 and 2000. Fishel stated that she was heavily invested in the relationship, commenting that she was "like, so in love" with Bass. Bass ended the relationship after one year, and continued to exclusively date women until he was 22.

In his autobiography, Bass documents two gay relationships that predated media speculation; one with a Miami, Florida native named Jesse, with whom Bass lived for two years, and another with an Idaho native named Joe.Bass began dating Amazing Race winner Reichen Lehmkuhl in early 2006, a courtship that garnered tabloid coverage and led to Bass's decision to come out. Bass described his relationship with Lehmkuhl as "very stable"; however, the couple split several months later. Shortly after his split with Lehmkuhl, Bass briefly dated Brazilian model and host Pedro Andrade. From August 2007 to March 2008, Bass dated New York-based hairdresser Ben Thigpen.

In a 2006 interview, Bass stated that he has Attention-Deficit Disorder. Bass's favorite music bands are Aerosmith, The Goo Goo Dolls, and Journey, and his favorite actress is Lucille Ball, whom he grew up watching on I Love Lucy re-runs. He is a self-described "huge Dr. Seuss fan", devoting an entire room in his Jackson, Mississippi, estate to Seuss memorabilia. Bass has said that he is a Christian and that he regularly attends church,[84][85][86] though he considers himself to be non-denominational. He is the godfather of former bandmate Joey Fatone's daughter, Brianna. Bass and Fatone are best friends.